Customizable Shirt
Customizable Shirt
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Customizable Shirt

Customizable Shirt

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You describe what you want on a shirt. We will then create a unique design based off your description.

NOTICE: Due to an excess of orders, we are limiting sales. We ask that customers expect a MINIMUM 8-10 week turnaround from the time an order is placed until it is shipped. Thank you for your patience and overwhelming support.

Shirts we supply are unisex.

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Show Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

  1. Keep it simple!
    1. Try to limit the prompt to three things.
      1. 3 Characters, 3 interests, 3 focuses, etc…
      2. Give an example: “Duck on a skateboard holding a katana”
  2. Don't make us assume
    1. We don't know what you or your pets look like.
      1. Race, hair color, physical features, etc…
  3. Multiple Designs
    1. The same prompt will result in the same design. Different prompts will result in different designs for the orders.
      1. If you want the same design on different products, copy and paste the prompt into multiple description boxes.
  4. Image Upload
    1. Instruct us on what you want.
      1. “Draw us as…”
      2. “Photoshop my friend onto…”
      3. “Use photo as a reference”
      4. “Put photo directly on shirt without anything else”
    2. Upload good-quality photos.
    3. Only use image upload if necessary for the design.
  5. Give the designer freedom and let them do what they do best!
    1. Tell the designer what you want or list your interests… Enjoy the surprise!
      1. “I want a cat eating pizza!”
      2. “I am vegan, i love plants & cows :)”