Product FAQs

What is a customizable shirt?

To create a customized shirt, simply enter a description request into the text box. This request will then be interpreted by an artist and created into a design to be put on the shirt. The shirt will then be shipped to you. 

What is the image upload option?

The image upload is an option provided to customers to include a specific item or individual onto the design. The image upload also allows the customer to upload their own design they would like to be put on the shirt. For example, if a customer wanted their dog on a shirt, they could upload a picture of their dog and put in the description box “Make my dog a king.” A designer could then photoshop your dog on a throne with a crown on his head. Customers could also design their own image and upload it while putting in the description box “Just use my design.” This will let our designers know not to make additions to your design. Additionally, you may use the image upload option and request that the person or animal is used as reference for the designer to illustrate.

What is the Gallery?

We have seen many customers become upset because they could not think of what they would like on a shirt. The gallery allows for customers to browse design options and claim a design that they would like, premade, to be put onto a shirt. This allows us the opportunity to create premade, comedic apparel.

How to request a customized shirt:


  • We recommend that customers do not include any copyrighted items in their description. This includes brands, companies, logos, or celebrities on your shirt (this does not include political figures). 

  • Designers are instructed to use no more than 3 copyrighted items in a single design. If a request is made with multiple brands, celebrities, and logos, then the designer may not include every part of the prompt provided to them.

  • If requested, designers will do their best to interpret the brand or celebrity as an “off brand” version. 

  • Orders that include a description with copyright may have a slower turnaround time than orders that do not include copyright in the design prompt.

Allow for interpretation and avoid detailed requests

  • Leave the request to be easily interpreted by the designer. Requesting specifics oftentimes leads to disappointment in the design. Customers are often most pleased when they give designers as much creative and comedic liberty as possible. 

  • The simpler, the better. Leave interpretation up to the designers. Rather than request a specific person engaged in a specific task, offer input from your designer. For example, include “what is your biggest fear” or “include a motivational quote.” Once again, customers are often most pleased when they give designers as much creative and comedic liberty as possible. 

Upload an image

  • Feel free to add an image upload for our designers to use while creating your design. This allows you to add family, pets, and friends to your design. Or, feel free to use the image upload as your way to add your own design or image onto the shirt. Just make sure to let our designers know in the description box that you just want the image uploaded on the shirt. 

Remember to use descriptive characteristics if people are included in your description

  • i.e.; long, dark, straight hair; pale skin; slender/muscular; green eyes; etc.

Keep in mind that we have designers worldwide. Be specific so that your request is not misinterpreted as a result of cultural differences.

  • i.e.; football can be interpreted as futbol, American soccer, or American football